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Bid goodbye to your health doubts - Speak to our Specialists !

To assure you of affordable & excellent medical care at all times, EMC with different specialties brings to you professional physicians, globally trained with high expertise  in combination with world class infrastructure and advanced treatments. We offer remarkable clinical care to every patient to treat & prevent any sickness or disorder they face.

General Medicine

Quality Healthcare and Best Patient care

The General Medicine speciality at EMC focuses on offering high standard comprehensive prevention, diagnosis & treatment to all patients. We strive to offer high quality services to patients who require primary & specialty care. This is a specialty care that offers best diagnostic & therapeutic care to everyone who needs medical assistance. Our doctors are exclusively trained to treat patients who have multiple health problems.

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Complete Comprehensive Health care for Her

We understand that the healthcare needs of every woman are different.Our healthcare for every woman is based on the specific requirement that may occur based on the changing lifestyle and age of the woman. Are you looking for a trusted healthcare provider for regular women’s care or to treat abnormal symptoms or disorders ? Our doctors at EMC will help you sail through any women’s health related complications with ease.

Pregnancy & maternity care with specialized doctors is offered at an affordable price. We offer the best gynecology services in Chennai with highly skilled professional doctors & medical staff.


Big Care by The Best Doctor for Your Little Ones!

Choosing a child care specialist is a very important decision for every parent. That’s why EMC offers unmatchable pediatric service round the clock . We understand that every parent cares for their child’s happiness & good health . When your little one requires advanced health care and you are in search of pediatric care EMC is right here for you. With advanced specialities in Pediatric cardiology, endocrinology, and more at EMC you can be assured of the best intensive care for children by experts at affordable cost.


Scars Needn’t Scare You Anymore!

Dermatology is related to the diagnosis and course of treatment to cure illness in skin, hair, nails and related mucous membranes. Our dermatology services at EMC multispeciality clinic have the expertise, experience and equipment to provide advanced dermatology treatments. We offer the latest treatment for diseases like psoriasis, warts, acne , freckles and other cosmetic issues related to scars and age related skin problems. We have a wide range of treatments in dermatology which are performed by specialist doctors at pocket friendly prices.


Enrich your senses with advanced medicare!

ENT is a branch of medicine that is involved with Ear, Nose & throat . At EMC we have a specialized department for ENT for diagnosing & treating otolaryngology disorders.  EMC has a  specialized wing for assessing & treating patients with ENT problems. The ENT specialists also render head and neck cancer treatments. The multispeciality clinic brings in the top specialists in the city for ENT procedures, treatments and consultations.


Your Heart is in Safe Hands- We care Whole-Heartedly!

EMC offers a world-class cardiac care facility with the best heart consultants in Chennai in line with advanced technology to render all cardiac procedures & surgeries. EMC is a home to many best cardiac consultants in Chennai who offer trustworthy cardiac care advice & prescriptions. EMC specializes in continuum care in prevention, treatment, recovery & rehabilitation of all cardiac related diseases. We have an extensive cardiac care unit with advanced technology for cardiology treatments and expert doctors for cardiac care.


Check in when you KNOW PAIN Checkout with NO PAIN

EMC offers specialty care in bone, spine & joint replacement disorders. Our motto is to offer the best orthopedic consultation and care to help you get back on your toes to perform normal activities, reduce strain and enhance your mobility. We aim to offer super-speciality ortho care with cutting edge technology to meet every patient’s requirement at affordable cost. Our high class service helps in resolving highly complicated bone & joint disorders with perfection which ensure utmost safety & comfort for patients.


Treating Endocrine Suffering with advanced healthcare!

We offer comprehensive treatment by specialist endocrinologists who evaluate, diagnose and manage all disorders related to endocrinology that affect pediatric, teens and adults. Our specialist helps in treating hormonal disorders and problems related to glands secreting it. EMC offers expert treatment for various conditions such as thyroid, diabetes, bone, calcium or endocrine problems that affect the reproductive parts. We also offer specialized endocrinology consultation for patients who have comorbid conditions such as diabetes & thyroid.


Get a Good Gut!

Gastroenterology is a disease that affects the digestive tract, liver and pancreas. EMC offers best gastroenterology treatments with a vast scope for consultative and diagnostic procedures in gastroenterology. Our consultants are pioneers in advanced treatment and surgical procedures. With the benefit of extensive experience with the manipulation of latest equipment and high-expertise, EMC assures the best treatment for your Gastrointestinal problems. We also offer consultation for minimally invasive surgery which are very common today for safely treating any gastroenterology problems. 


Let No pain get you on Your Nerves!

EMC offers super-speciality care for different types of neurological disorders. We have a dedicated specialist team of neurologists and neurosurgeons offering different types of treatments to heal neurological disorders. Our neuro doctors work as a team of intensivists and rehabilitation specialists to offer the best treatment. EMC provides advanced treatment for neurology ailments with cutting edge technology and advanced medical facilities to serve for all trauma & stroke problems. Our team of specialists in neuroscience serve patients with various neuro complaints to perform neuro-diagnostic, interventional procedures and invasive procedures.


Let Breathing be No More Struggling!

Pulmonology is a specialization that treats diseases related to the respiratory tract. Pulmonology involves treatments & medication for chest and respiratory issues.
Breathlessness , cough, chest discomfort or sputum with blood are symptoms of respiratory disease or chest illness.

Pulmonologists at EMC are professional doctors who have expertise in treating diseases and conditions in the chest, especially pneumonia, asthma, tuberculosis , emphysema and other chest infections & complications. We provide diagnostic services, detailed investigation, treatment all at one place in conjunction with an expert multi-speciality team to give the best results for the patients.


Too much sweets can Make Life Sour!

Diabetes is a complicated and multi-faceted lifetime condition that affects almost every organ in your body. However, with the right care offered by specialists, there is absolutely scope for a better lifestyle with good health conditions.

At EMC we provide consultation & treatment that is unmatchable at any multi-speciality clinic across the country. We have a team of leading diabetologists and experienced consultants who provide best medical advice and with the advanced facilities and infrastructure at EMC we assure to manage and treat any type of diabetics.

We work as a specialized team to help our patients heal with advanced clinical care. Medical support understanding their minute problems and empowering them to make their lifestyle healthier and better.


Having a Secret Discomfort? Get the flow right- Talk to us!

Urology is a branch of speciality in healthcare that aims to offer medical and surgical treatment for male and female urinary tract systems and male reproductive organs. At EMC urology department we offer medical treatment for adrenal glands, ureters, urinary bladder, urethra and the male reproductive organs.

We provide expert healthcare for all urological conditions using the highly-specialized medicare. Our consultants have rich expertise and experience in treating various urology conditions who provide the best treatment to help patients achieve the desired outcome at the lowest price. EMC is renowned for its high standard treatment with dedicated staff and outstanding facilities.


Making you Healthy from within!

We provide a wide range of psychiatric services as part of our day-care programs which includes addiction and substance use , senior citizen care and general psychiatry consultation. Our consulting regimes are distinct , strategic and holistic which includes art therapy, exercise schedules and educational programs in group set up or individual sitting.

Our team of psychiatric consultants , doctors, therapists and medical staff provide utmost emotional & medical care to every individual. We provide a vast range of evidence based specialized treatments and therapies with our team of dedicated medical staff and psychiatric consultants & doctors through our unique psychiatry programmes.

Laparoscopic Surgeon

High Precision surgeries at Low Cost!

EMC’s department of laparoscopic surgery is facilitated with advanced technology to carry out various laparoscopic surgeries. The laparoscopic surgery reduces the postoperative discomfort and quickens the recovery time period. It also reduces postoperative morbid conditions like surgical infections and other random incisional infections. We at EMC have expert laparoscopic surgeons who have experience in carrying out the most common surgeries which occur in organs such as gallbladder, pancreas, small intestine, stomach, reproductive organs and more.

The Laparoscopic speciality in EMC aims-

  • To offer minimally invasive surgery for majority of surgical requirements
  • To help in removal of tumors, scars and treating ailments with minimal post surgical pain & better esthetic benefits.
  • To support patients with expert surgeons who assess, treat and operate with advanced technology and best clinical postoperative care.


Uplifting your ability from Disability

Physiotherapy at EMC supports restoring movement and body functions in patients who have been bid-ridden due to any disease or injury or disability. EMC has highly-experienced and well-trained physiotherapists who offer consultation and best medical advice on exercise patterns, physical activity and movement for the betterment of patient health in order to strengthen specific body parts of the patient.

We also offer personalized care and quicken the healing process with our home physiotherapy service provided by certified and specialized physiotherapists at EMC . This service helps patients to enjoy physiotherapy treatment at the comfort of their home and also helps disabled & injured patients to avoid risks of traveling.

General Surgery Department

Minimally invasive maximum recovery procedure

General surgery refers to treating an injury, deformity or disease with the help of an operative procedure. At EMC, we are focused on providing excellent surgical care with the safest and advanced medical technology. Our general surgery treatments include, hernia, piles, fistula and fissure, trauma surgery, gallbladder, breast surgery and more. At EMC we conduct minimally invasive surgery which reduces the chance of scars, decreases the recovery time and also offers the best ever outcomes.

Our General surgeon at EMC offers expert consultation for surgeries and with his rich multidisciplinary experience performs the procedure with high competence. 

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