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Accurate Tests - Assured Results

EMC hosts a laboratory comprising all sub-specialities such as Histopathology, Cytopathology, clinical microbiology , Hematology, serology and Clinical Biochemistry equipped with advanced equipment and cutting edge technology. We offer precise diagnosis for all patients at minimum turnaround time.

In combination with the specialization of doctors, expertise of Technical staff and advanced functioning of various Departments, the Lab at EMC offers complete clinical assistance to support different types of treatments rendered by us. EMC is known for its comprehensive and efficient evaluation of your health to provide the right treatment at affordable cost. The professional technologist , medical staff and Quality Management System give utmost importance to the accuracy of the test results with elaborate details. We operate between 7.00AM to 9.00PM and also provide a home sample collection facility.


Histopathology & Cytopathology

This is speciality in a laboratory that comprises testing that involves cardiology, urology, gastroenterology, respiratory problems, ortho, neuro and more. In specific the diagnosis of problems related to oncology is dealt by histopathology & cytopathology. It involves Pap Smear & other non-gynaecological tests like bronchial specimens, USG/CT as per FNAC & more.


This is a speciality that caters comprehensive diagnosis for Hematological problems (or) Blood Disorders . This department of hematology focuses on regular routine lab tests and offers assessment of haemolytic, haemostatic & oncological problems.


All usual and specific culture and antibiotic sensitivity diagnosis are performed using advanced diagnostic equipment. Automated blood culture and constant monitoring of quick & accurate diagnosis of Sepsis is offered in this specialty.


Serological tests meant for infectious problems like Hepatitis markers, Viral Markers , Autoimmune disorders , Critical issues are performed using Nephelometric and Automatic CLIA and ELISA Technology

Clinical Biochemistry

Regular Biochemical Analytes , Tumor Markers, Cardiac Marker and Hormonal assays are performed here using the latest Automated technology.

Clinical Pathology

Here we offer a complete Microscopic analysis of fluid samples such as urine, stool, semen and more.

Our Speciality

We provide a comprehensive package of clinical lab tests which are accurate for early prediction, quick detection, diagnostic screening and continuous monitoring of various diseases and disorders.

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